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factory of malik stitchers


Manufacturing unit of malik stitchers

Who We Are

We are Designer, Manufacturer and Exporter of Menswear. We mainly deals Shairwanies, Waistcoats, Coats, Pants, Shirts, Shalwar Kameez, Kurta Pajama and Safari Suiting as well. We Established our Unit from a single small stitching machine and now Alhamdulilah we have eight heavy machines in our Unit and our 15-16 men works there in three different shifts. Alhamdulilah we are exporting our goods worldwide since 2013 and our majority of our wholesale customers are belongs to UK and Europe.

Our Specialty

►We are specialist in Pantcoat, Shairwanies, Safair Suiting, Shalwar Kameez, Kurta Pajama, Waistcoats etc. in your desired Size Chart along with your Business Name Label.
►We can also stitch Ladies Waistcoats and Ladies Long Coats as well.
►Our every suiting will be of class one quality either that is a Waistcoat, Shairwani or Shalwar Kameez. You can even compare our stuff with any one else and you will find our stuff more attractive in stitching and quality.
►We get stitched each dress by our civil tailors rather than in any factory or karkhana, you are going to get class one stitching quality.
►Our every plain shalwar kameez suit comes with Fancy and Metal Buttons rather than cheap poor quality buttons.
►We use class one material of Collar and Strip so customer will get a quality suit with long durability even if they wash that suit more than 20 time.
►Colour and Material will be 100% guaranteed.
►We can also provide you their class one Photshot images of your desired design/item depends upon quantity.
►We are unique in providing quality in bulk.
►We will manufacture them in your desired cloth, colour and design.

Our Management


Our Customers


We are dealing with following international clients

  •   - Bradford (UK)
  •   - Halifax (UK)
  • Zobia Poshak            - Sheffield (UK)
  • Shanz Leeza             - Glasgow (UK)
  • Chandani Bazar        - Nottingham (UK)
  • Maleeha's Fashion    - Halifax (UK)
  • Saarah's Bazar         - Bradford  (UK)
  • Amulz Collection       - Denmark (Europe)
  • Saraa's Bazar           - Bradford (UK)
  • Pinky's Collection     - London (UK)
  • Chaudry's                 - Bradford (UK)
  • Dar-ul-Kutub             - Leads (UK)
  • Desire Fashion         - Mississauga (Canada)
  • MJ Designers           - Chicago (USA)
  • Umarha.B                 - Manchester (UK)
  • Akmals                     - Nottingham (UK)
  • Chaudry's                 - Leads (UK)
  • Khan Saheb             - Srinagar (India)
  • Asian Bazaar           - London (UK)
  • Narakah Designer   - Edinburgh (UK)
  • Hadia Collection      - Birmingham (UK)
  • Pakeeza Boutique   - Birmingham (UK)
  • Style Design Studio - Blackburn (UK)


Ahsin Sana (left), Ali Sanwal (Middle), Asif Sana(Right)